Who Are Your Bridesmaids?

Who Are Your Bridesmaids?

As you plan your wedding you start to realize there are a billion different details that you need to get right. Between the flowers and the music and the venue, everything seems so overwhelming. However, among all of these painfully precise particulars, there is one detail that is a clear stand out as the most important… who are going to be your bridesmaids?


Because as stressful as the rest of your planning is going to be, you know that this squad of amazing women you call your bridesmaids will make sure you get through it all. When a vendor suddenly cancels or somebody forgets to pick up your Aunt Susan at the airport, these ladies will be there and make sure everything is OK. So you really have to ask yourself, “who is going to stand by you as you start the next chapter of your life?”

There are the typical answers that probably pop into your head: your best friends, your sisters, etc. But at Leading Ladies we know that there is so much more to your bridesmaids than just that. These are the women that stood by you at your lowest of lows and have seen you grow into the person you are now. They were there for you when you first got accepted into college, and they were there for you when you finally walked the stage to accept your diploma. They were there to hold your hair when you partied a little too hard, and they were there to help you get dressed for your interview the next day. They were there to listen when all you could do was cry because of work stress, and they were there popping  bottles of champagne to celebrate when you finally got that promotion!

They were there after all of your bad first dates, and they’re going to be right there with you when you finally marry Mr. Right. Your wedding wouldn’t be complete without these women. You can look back at all the major milestones in your life and, sure enough, there they are. These women have supported you since day one and would do anything to make this day perfect for you.

We know how grateful you are for all that these women have done for you, and we want to help you give them a little shout and say thank you on your special day. Perfect dresses for all your bridesmaids will show that all of you are a squad and that you will always have each other’s backs. Leading Ladies dresses are thoughtfully made and designed so that your wedding can truly be unique. We want to work with you to make this day as special as possible for you and all the leading ladies in your life.

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