Three Ways to Pull Off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Three Ways to Pull Off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

The perfect bridesmaid dresses help set the tone of the wedding, while complementing the bride’s gown. They must fit with the theme of the flowers, invitations, table cloths, and more—all while not outshining the bride, of course. But there’s no rule that says the bridesmaids have to match from head to toe. In 2019, we’re seeing the rise of mismatched dresses, and we are living for the opportunity to spice it up!

Letting your girlfriends choose their dresses gives them the chance to select something that really allows them to feel beautiful. But with the endless options that come with mismatched dresses comes the possibility that (if not executed well) it can come off as sloppy or distracting. Here are three ways to keep your bridal party of leading ladies looking cohesive and stunning.

Choose a central theme in color or style, but not both    

Decide if you want the same style of the dress with different colors or the same color dress but with different styles across your bridesmaids. Selecting a central color or shade with different styles will help your party look uniform, while spicing it up by having each one of your girls choose a style they truly feel comfortable in. Feel free to play around with different shades—remember, you want to choose colors that complement each other. Meanwhile, with different styles, you will want to choose dresses with similar hemlines, patterns, or other characteristics. These two options can be in some ways easier to coordinate and even cheaper! It really gives your girls the freedom to choose their dresses whether in style or color.

P.S. Check out our swatches before you make the purchase so your coordination can be on point.

Give your girls a vision

Make sure you have a vision, and stick with it. Going out and finding an inspiration will really guide you and let your girls know exactly what you’re looking for. Be specific! Talk about hemlines, fabrics, and necklines. When looking at colors, make sure to share swatches and color families with your girls before they jump into shopping. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming for your girls if all you say is everyone should have a pink dress (Misty Pink? Sweet Pea? Hydrangea?). Again, communication is key! Make sure you’re in the loop with your bridal party throughout their journeys of finding their perfect dresses. Finally, don’t be afraid to say no. In the end, this is your wedding and vision.

Stick with the same designer

Every designer has his or her own style. Sticking with the same designer or brand across your bridesmaids will help in achieving a more put together, cohesive look. Here at Leading Ladies, we offer color customization on all of our dresses—this means we carry the same shades across all of our styles.

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. Bringing your dream wedding to life includes a lot of small details and careful planning. For bridesmaid dresses, consider mixing and matching. Whether it’s mismatching the colors or styles, both are great and simple ways of embracing the versatility of having a mismatched, stunning, and put-together group of leading ladies.

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