About Us

To all the leading ladies out there

We started Leading Ladies because we noticed that curvy women are very underrepresented and deserve more attention. At Leading Ladies, we believe that all women should be treated the same, which is why we strive to make dresses that can make everyone feel comfortable and confident (without breaking your bank, don’t worry). We believe that every girl should be able to find THAT dress without feeling guilty.

Be true to who you are, be your own Leading Lady.

With love,
Annie & Gary


perfect dress, worry less!

We understand how frustrating it is to find a “perfect” dress only to realize it is not so perfect because of one small detail. This is why we offer you the ability to customize the little details of your personal, perfect dress.


cha ching!

We know being a bridesmaid is already $$ enough, so this is why we’re making all of our dresses super affordable so you can spend your $$ elsewhere (bachelorette party, ahem)

Emergency Kit

uh-oh free!

The last thing any person wants on the big day is an unexpected accident. This is why we provide an emergency pack with each of our dresses and top & bottom combo, which includes bandaids, pasties, double-sided tape, and a sewing kit.