Introducing Leading Ladies

Introducing Leading Ladies

Here at Leading Ladies LA, we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel amazing. We noticed that curvy and plus size women are seriously underrepresented when it comes to bridal and bridesmaid dresses. There has never been as big a push for inclusivity as there is now, but it’s still hard to find brands who are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Many brands will say they carry dresses for everyone but a plus size model is nowhere to be found in any of their catalogues.

Leading Ladies LA is the bridesmaid dress brand that’s going to change how bridal beauty is normally looked at. Our number 1 values are body positivity and inclusiveness; all women are going to be able work the aisle like a runway … but not more than the bride ;)

When we say that we want everyone to be able wear a dress that they love, we mean it. We don’t think you need to spend like Beyonce to look like a Queen. That’s why all of our pieces are less than $100! You won’t have to make any compromises between price, quality, and options with Leading Ladies. We have dresses made to fit every body type and all are priced so that everyone can afford them.

It happens way too often that you think you’ve found the perfect dress just to discover one part of it that you absolutely hate. What can you do in those situations? The dress is what it is, right? Maybe this is true at every other dress brand, but not with Leading Ladies. All of our dresses have customizable features so that you can love every last detail of your dress. Don’t like the bow on the back? That’s fine, you can just take it off or choose something else to replace it! This is great for the brides and bridesmaids who want every bit of the wedding to be beautiful and perfect… so it’s basically perfect for everyone.

If you don’t want to spend money on a dress you’re going to wear just once, we got you covered too. Besides just dresses, we also have tops and bottoms that can be worn together for the big day or separately as part of other outfits. You can mix and match these across all different styles and colors. If you’ve ever thought that there weren’t enough options out there, then you seriously need to check us out.

This is all to say that you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too!

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