Velvet and Sequin: Best Friends or Worst Enemies

Velvet and Sequin: Best Friends or Worst Enemies

We know, we know. We’ve been talking about velvet nonstop ever since we launched our velvet collection. And just when you think our velvet obsession over, we’re here to introduce you to yet another way to pair velvet- with sequin! 

Now, we know we talk a good game of how luxe and elegant velvet can make you feel, how it elevates the wedding and how it’s so comfortable you can basically wear it all day and all night. But for those of you who are looking for a different vibe, hear us out. 

As much as we talk about velvet alone, we really need to talk about how WELL it goes with sequin. In our eyes, velvet and sequin are the best kind of frenemies- they can shine on their own but they also bring out the best in each other. If all of your bridesmaids have different personalities and you want to highlight each of them on their own, we highly recommend styling your girls in velvet and sequin. 

Scarlett + Hana / Felicity 

We always love a good sleeved dress, and we think that the combination of velvet/sequin with sleeves is so chic and refreshing. We like the look of our Scarlett Top paired with the Hana Skirt with the Felicity Dress. These are both short sleeved styles with similar silhouettes, but the different necklines will add as a fun element to contrast the two styles and bring out the fun and diverse personalities of your girls . 

Leah + Nora / Margot 

Because who can really say no to a dress with a slit? Not us, at least. This sequin and velvet mashup work like peanut butter and jam, meaning, you can never go wrong with them. We like the combination of Leah and Norah with the Margot Dress from our velvet collection. The necklines of Leah and Margot are simple but flattering for girls of all shapes and sizes, plus, the side slit for both are just icing on the cake. 

Daisy + Hana

Last but definitely not least, we HAVE to talk about the combination of Daisy and Hana. A cold shoulder top and a sequin skirt are honestly one of the best ways to wear sequin and velvet. If no one’s said it before, we’ll say it now: this is a classic case of business on top and party on the bottom. 

There are so many ways to mix and match velvet and sequin, we don’t think we can ever get sick of looking at them. The combination of the two different fabrics create a touch of softness and elegance, plus the  nature of sequin just brings out the best of both worlds. Currently, we offer 6 shades of sequin and 7 shades of velvet so you can experiment with the different shades to create the bridesmaid look of your dreams. Oh, did we mention that we’re still offering 5 swatches for free? If you’re unsure about customizing different looks, you can always snag some swatches and pair them IRL before you order the dresses.

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