Wedding Is Postponed, But What Can You Do With Your Bridesmaid Dress In The Meantime?

Wedding Is Postponed, But What Can You Do With Your Bridesmaid Dress In The Meantime?

You’ve ordered and received your bridesmaid dress, but now the wedding is postponed and you’re wondering what you can do with your dress in the meantime. Because in the age of Coronavirus, there is nothing more important than making the most of your time at home. 

Host A Virtual Try-On Party / Bachelorette 

Who do you call when you first receive your dress? Call the bride and your fellow bridesmaids! Since everyone is quarantined at home, you can host a virtual try-on/bachelorette party so everyone can finally have an excuse to get out of their sweats and get into their dresses. There are also plenty of activities you can do together online if you do some preparations beforehand. You can also support your local business by ordering takeout or delivery and just pop open a bottle and celebrate with the girls. Just because you can’t physically be together, doesn’t mean it has to take a toll on your friendship. Make the most of your time and celebrate the life that is ahead of you. 


As the maid of honor, you are expected to give a speech at the wedding. Now a lot of people are going to be giving speeches that day, but that doesn’t make yours any less significant than the others. After all, your best friend is going to be walking down the aisle and she’s picked you to be right alongside her when she does. If you’ve been procrastinating on your maid of honor speech, there is no better time to start drafting it. One of the benefits of having your dress with you is that by putting in on, it is as if you’re at the wedding. That is a feeling that’ll be hard to replicate otherwise, and let’s be honest, it’ll get you into the mood of speechwriting better than anything else. (Except maybe with a glass of wine, but who’s complaining?) All the memories, the times that you have spent with the bride is going to come rushing into you. Whether it was the first time you met, your first big fight, or the time you took a girls trip together. These are the memories that have solidified your friendship and no one can take them away from you. Write them down and start your speech from there. Practice your speech and make sure you don’t write a 23-page essay- these people have been waiting a LONG time to get to the wedding! 

Optional: Do you need it altered? 

This is totally optional and we understand that not everyone at home has the necessary resources to do the alterations themselves. But if you do, you can try on the dress, see if you need to get it altered, and how much. Maybe the straps are too long, or the waist area is too loose on you, mark down all the areas that you would like to get fixed so when you’re finally able to go to your local tailor, you’ll be able to tell them everything that needs to be done. 

Alternatively, if you have a sewing machine at home, feel free to whip it out and do the alterations yourself. Trust us, if there’s an activity that hasn’t been overly done (we’re looking at you, banana bread and sourdough), it’s this one. If you’re a little rusty with your sewing machine, try a practice run with one of your old, unwanted dresses. 

Being on lockdown doesn’t have to limit what you can do. Don’t let this time discourage you from what you can do, but be creative with what you can do and you might just find the silver lining in things. Stay positive and stay safe, ladies! 

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