Rust: A Little Piece of Vintage For Your Wedding

Rust: A Little Piece of Vintage For Your Wedding

Vintage has long been fashion’s favorite trends and it is truer now more than ever. From your grandmother’s ring, to repurposing an old wedding dress, and finding your something old, there is something nostalgic and timeless about having something of a vintage value at the wedding.   We here at Leading Ladies have been obsessed with Princess Beatrice’s wedding dress, a dress that Queen Elizabeth had first worn in 1962 at the premiere of the film Lawrence in Arabia. With modern addition of organza puff sleeves, slightly shortened skirt, and a silk or satin panel added to the hem, the dress was both beautifully unique and extra meaningful. Now, to complement something so extraordinary, you can go for a color that is equally astonishing. Enters Rust, the perfect jewel tone shade that can shine in its own right. 


We love Rust for a couple of reasons. It is warm and fuzzy, it is breathtakingly beautiful, and it comes with a whole lot of creative opportunities for the wedding. Think a signature cocktail featuring hot apple cider or a one of its kind gradient wedding cake. For vintage-loving brides, Rust is undeniably the perfect color. 


For the bridesmaids, Rust can also be paired with other jewel tones to create your own palette. Bordeaux, Desert Rose, Canary, and Pure Jade are all excellent colors to pair it with whether you are having a barn wedding, boho, or something vintagey. The possibilities are endless and you really can’t go wrong with any of these pairings. What’s most important is that you make the wedding yours. Have faith in your vision and follow through with it. 


Rust can also be incorporated into the rest of the wedding. The bouquet, decorations, and even wedding favors. It is an extremely versatile color and we would use it in every little detail of our wedding if we could. And if you’re a big fan of everything vintage, chances are you will fall in love with Rust just like we did.

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