What Are Emergency Kits & Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Emergency Kits & Why Do You Need Them?

If you didn’t know about this before, we’re telling you now. Every Leading Ladies bridesmaid dress order comes with a complimentary emergency kit, it is something we do to make sure that our girls while helping with the bride, don’t forget to take care of themselves. When the big day comes, it is going to be chaotic and messy and you’ll most likely forget a thing or two, but that’s okay. Enters the emergency kit, it is here to help you so you can worry less about packing and more on yourself! Now let’s see what’s in it: 


  • Sanitary Wipes

Being in the middle of a global pandemic means we all need to be careful at all times. Starting last year we have included the addition of sanitary alcohol wipes in all of our emergency kits so that everyone can stay clean and safe during the wedding. 

  • Bandaids 

Bandaids are so important especially at events that require guests to wear heels. Trust us, when you’ve been in heels from day to night, you will need some bandaids for yourself. Even if you don’t end up needing them, it’s always good to have bandages around in cases of emergency. 

  • Pasties 

Even though all of our dresses come with built-in bra cups, we know some people just want to be extra cautious when it comes to wearing dresses that could be a little more revealing. It is always good to have extra security and you could use some extra pasties. 

  • Double sided tape

Trust us, we would take almost anything than to have a wardrobe malfunction. If you have a strapless or v neck dress, double sided tape may just be what you need to prevent such a fashion faux pas. These tapes are so versatile and will become your new fashion best friend.

  • Sewing kit

Last but not least, all of our emergency kits include a sewing kit with all the basic color threads. This is in case you need to make a last minute alteration or adjustment for your dress. Whether it is fixing the straps or helping with the zipper, this sewing kit will come in handy when you are most in need. 

Small accidents happen all the time at weddings and sometimes they are inevitable. It may not be anyone’s fault but it is a nerve wracking situation and just a little out of control. But we want to make sure that you avoid all the small mishaps you can so that you get to focus on what truly matters: to watch your best friend walk down the aisle. 

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