Almond: Fresh, Chic, and Oh-So-Versatile

Almond: Fresh, Chic, and Oh-So-Versatile

It’s not hard to imagine why Almond has been one of our most requested colors: it’s incredibly chic, versatile, and it has a clean look that is hard to achieve with others. Brides who go for Almond are oftentimes planning for an elegant, ultra luxe wedding and boy do they know just the right color for it. With a color like Almond, the rest of the wedding planning becomes relatively easier. You won’t have to worry about your bouquet or tablescape being too bright or colorful that it overshadows the rest of the ensemble because it is a color that can proudly stand on its own. Let’s see how Almond is the perfect color for your wedding. 

Save the Dates 

Wedding invites are the perhaps the first wedding related thing your friends and family are going to get from you. With more and more designs available to couples, wedding invites have become a big part of your wedding. It sets the tone fo the event and prepares the guests for the wedding. If Almond/Champange is your main color, you will want the guests to get that message right away. Pick a design that speaks to your vision and let it do the talking.


Florals are arguably one of the biggest parts of your wedding. It can be seen from the entrance all the way to the alter and to the reception, which makes it another big style and planning decision. You want a something that is cohesive and harmonious without it being overpowering and takes up too much spotlight. You want your bouquet to complement your dress and not overshadow it. The tablescape, the decorations, the cake and even down to the boutonnieres the groomsmen are wearing are all going to be part of your consideration. Almond is one of the easiest shades to work with and why it’s a great choice- neutral, classy, and timeless. 


What your girls wear on the big day is also another important indication of the vibe of the wedding. Misty Pink, Whisper Blue or even Berry are all popular choices and rightfully so. They each provide a different feel to the wedding- romantic, nostalgic, and passionate. But if you’re planning a more classy wedding, one that you will likely revisit for years to come, Almond is definitely the way to go. It can be simple and glam at the same time, which trusts us, is a hard thing to achieve. Dress up or down is completely up to you and your bridesmaids. It really works with everyone! 


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