Fall 2021 Color Palette For Every Bride

Fall 2021 Color Palette For Every Bride

After a tumultuous year of staying at home and postponing weddings, it seems like we are finally back on track to proper wedding planning -  fall brides, we’re looking at ya! If you are planning for your fall wedding, we are here to help. Whether you are having a glam, elegant wedding or just opting for something small and casual (micro weddings has become such a big trend!), we have the perfect color palette and style guide for you. Let’s dive deep into what we predict will be the biggest trends this coming season. 

Elegant / Luxe / Glam 

Because who doesn’t love a glamorous wedding with your loved ones in the same place (safely, of course). As little girls, we probably all had dreams of wearing the big puffy dress, putting on a full face of makeup with bright pink cheeks and overlined lips & wearing mom’s heels that are about four sizes too big. And now the puffy dress is a beaded lace gown with an elaborate train, the makeup is done flawlessly and the heels are just the right size. We see this wedding with stunning night lights surrounding the whole venue. For an upscale wedding like this one, we recommend making a palette that is clean and simple using colors like Ivory and Almond with Black for a touch of elegance. When choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses for the special day, you want to make sure that their dresses are cohesive and match the overall vibe of the bridal gown. 

Our top style picks for this look:


We love a fun, modern wedding with unique personal touches and a mix of texture. If you’re a cool bride, you may want to consider mixing and matching fabrics for your bridesmaids. Fall is the perfect time to start wearing some velvet pieces paired with chiffon dresses for a mix of texture that is representative of the season of change. Some combinations we are loving right now are Burnt Orange, Canary and Sugar Almond. This color combination also goes extremely well with a mix of fresh and dried flowers. We all know that you have been obsessed with seeing weddings with dried florals on Instagram and we’re here to tell you that the trend isn’t over just yet. Style your bridesmaids in these unique pieces to make them stand out on their own, but of course, don’t let them overshadow you on your bid day. 

Our top style picks for this look:

Casual / Micro Weddings

One of the biggest and hottest trends in the wedding industry right now is micro weddings. We love the idea of having a small, intimate wedding with just your closest friends and family. These weddings also tend to be more casual, sort of like a backyard or a tented wedding, and very much less traditional. With a smaller wedding, it provides you with more time and energy to really focus on the details - a picnic-esque set up, matching cushion seats, and even down to the menu are all great places to start. When it comes to creating a palette for this kind of wedding, it’s important to take notice of where it’s going to be and take advantage of it. We recommend choosing colors that are similar to that of nature’s and mix in a slightly different color to create a stronger image. We like the idea of using Sage Green, Whisper Blue, and Graphite for your perfect outdoor wedding. Since the wedding is small and more casual, your #bridesquad doesn’t need to be in super casual dresses, just something simple and chic will suffice. 

Our top style picks for this look:

Classic / Romantic 

A classic look at the wedding is always a good option. It is a look that you will remember for the rest of your life. It also leaves a lot of opportunities for little twists in details that will surprise your guests. Since it’s a fall wedding, there are so many options when it comes to creating your perfect palette. There’s the option to go all neutral, or something green. But this year, we’re expecting to see a lot of color mixing and matching, especially with the bridesmaid dresses. We have always loved a good fall color palette and this year we’re looking at Desert Rose with Diamond Club and Rust. There is something about incorporating the colors of the leaves that are changing in the season of fall that is so enchanting and mesmerizing. 


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