Meet Our March 2021 New Styles and How To Style Them - Part 2

Meet Our March 2021 New Styles and How To Style Them - Part 2

Remember last week when we talked about some of our new styles that we just launched and ways to style them? If you’ve read part 1, now it’s time for part 2! 


The Elle Dress is our reimagining of the classic chiffon off the shoulder bridesmaid dress completed with a gorgeous side slit. We love how dreamy this dress looks and how good it looks in any color. If you’re looking for a dress that you can rewear after the wedding, well look no further. 

Styling: With an off the shoulder dress, we typically like to recommend keeping the look fresh and clean as the dress speaks for itself. But we can never say no to wearing a cute and simple necklace such as the Gorjana Diamond Trio Necklace, it’s super chic and does not take away the attention of the dress at all. 


Cowl neckline is something we here at Leading Ladies have been obsessed with for a while now, we love the elegance of this neckline and how it looks good on everyone. If you’re aiming for a “no effort” kinda look, this is definitely the dress for it. 

Styling: Ruth is a rather formal look so we’d like to keep it classy and not over the top. You can play around with some stacked rings, we love the Bauble Bar Nodo Ring Set that is super affordable and has tons of options for styling! This set also comes with so many size options so it’s practically perfect for everyone in the #bridesquad. 


One of the all-time most beloved bridesmaid styles is a halter dress. The Sloane Dress features a keyhole cutout with options to add slits and pockets that will make your girls the chicest bridesmaids in town. 

Styling: With any halter dress, it is important to let the dress speaks for itself without adding too much jewelry. A good way to accessorize this is to put the focus on your hair. Whether you want to do a full updo or a half up half down, we recommend doing it with braids to give it a romantic touch. With braided hairstyles, you can also opt for hair accessories such as pins or floral pieces to elevate the look. 


Another velvet dress in this collection is the Sophie Dress, which features a cold shoulder neckline and the most stunning silhouette. This is a flattering style for women of all shapes and sizes and we cannot wait to see her on all you Leading Ladies! 

Styling: A beautiful bouquet of flowers always goes a long way. We are loving a fall velvet bridesmaid ensemble completed with the most vibrant colors. Besides, who doesn’t love some fresh flowers? 



Finally, a bridesmaid dress that works for both casual and formal weddings. The Zuri Dress is a must for micro weddings, it’s flowy, breezy, and super comfortable after a whole year of wearing sweats in the house. This is the perfect dress for anyone looking for something that can be worn over and over again. 

Styling: Speaking of casual/micro weddings, we’ve been eyeing the sneaker trend in weddings for a while now. After a whole year of lockdown and quarantine, it’s hard for us to imagine being in heels all day, so if you’re like us, style your look with a pair of white sneakers. Trust us, your feet will thank you. These Nike Court Royale AC Canvas sneakers are not only super affordable (on sale right now, follow the link to, but also minimalist to they don’t take away too much attention from you & the dress. If you’ve got statement sneakers that you would like to show off, you can also opt for an “add slit” option in the customization section to impress everyone at the wedding & on Zoom! 

There are so many styling options when it comes to bridesmaid dresses: jewelry, accessories, hair, and even footwear should all be taken into consideration when deciding on your look for the big day. But the most important thing is to make sure the bride is aware of your styling choices. We’ve seen weddings with bridesmaids all wearing the same accessories and brides who let their bridesmaids choose their own. Either way, this should be a fun, collaborative task with everyone on the same page. If you have any styling questions regarding colors, sizes, or more, feel free to email us at and we’d love to help you out! 

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