Your Ultimate Wedding Day Packing List

Your Ultimate Wedding Day Packing List

The big day is just around the corner, and your role as a bridesmaid is to make sure your best friend’s wedding goes according to plan and without any “uh-oh’s”. It is important to remember to pack all the little things to prevent any last minute trips back to the hotel. 

You’ve come a long way since agreeing to being your best friend’s bridesmaid, and after all the necessary tasks like planning the bridal shower and partying it til the A.M. with the bride at the bachelorette party, it is finally time to get packing for the wedding day.

Besides the obvious dress, heels, and makeup combo, we’ve compiled a list of 5 small things that can really help you and your fellow Leading Ladies go through this important day without any accidents.

1. Bandaids

Bandaids are needed in so many different situations, and can also be a lifesaver when your heels start to hurt from wearing those mega high heels. Trust us, just grab a bunch of bandaids and stuff them in your clutch.

2. A mini pack of tissues (or two)

Whether it’s to dry your tears or to fix your makeup (or both), having tissue readily available is always a good idea. Perhaps pack an extra pack so you can hand them out to your fellow bridesmaids during those extra touching moments.

3. A pair of dancing shoes

Give your feet a break from the uncomfortable wedding heels and change into a pair of breathable dancing shoes when you’re ready to bust a move on the dance floor! 

4. Double-sided fashion tape

Another small, but useful thing to pack when there are any wardrobe malfunctions. Especially for bridesmaids with strapless or backless dresses, these can come in extremely handy when the strapless bras aren’t sticky enough.

5. A mini sewing kit

Last minute alterations? Find a small hole on your (or your fellow bridesmaids’) dress? A mini sewing kit will save the day and you can jump in with any emergency fixes/adjustments.

These little things can go a long way in preventing any panic attacks during the day. And since Leading Ladies got each other’s backs, we made sure that every dress or top & bottom combination gets a free emergency kit that contains some of the items mentioned above (no need to thank us 😉).

With all this being said, no matter how well prepared you are, the most important thing to have is a positive attitude. Just go with the flow, and enjoy the beautiful day with your best friends.

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