Why You Should Order A Custom Bridesmaid Dress

Why You Should Order A Custom Bridesmaid Dress

We all have had that moment where we’re in the fitting room, trying on a pair of jeans that we like, only to be disappointed by the fact that while the thighs fit perfectly, the waist is way too loose. So you quietly put those jeans back to the rack and continue to look for jeans that will fit you right. 

The same thing probably happened when you are buying a bridesmaid dress. And let’s be honest, shopping for a bridesmaids dress is rarely a glamorous task. You rarely get to pick the color, fabric, or even the style of the dress, not to mention the ridiculously high price tag that is usually associated with it. But there is one thing you can take control of and that is the fit of your dress. 

Think about it like this, with a busy day ahead of you, you probably want to make sure you wear a dress that is both easy on the eyes AND the body. After all, you don’t want to be caught on camera with a little nip slip because your bust is a size or two smaller than your waist and hips. Or maybe you just simply want a dress that feels great and fits great. Either way, we’ve got a solution for you.

This is where custom sizing may be your answer. At Leading Ladies, we understand the pain of being in a dress so tight you can barely breathe, or having a part of your body that just doesn’t fit into the standard size chart. By having your dress custom made, you can make sure that you look good in all the photos, even the ones when the camera caught you by surprise. The best part? With a dress as fitting and as comfortable, you can just dance the night away once the ceremony is over. 

So do yourself a favor, order a dress that is custom made to your own measurements, and spend your time worrying about something else. Finding the right fit for your dress may sound expensive and unattainable, but trust us, it is most definitely a reality you can afford.

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