How to Propose to Your Future Bridesmaids

How to Propose to Your Future Bridesmaids

After going through one of the most (if not the most) important proposals of your life, you realize it’s time for another important one: your bridesmaids proposals! After gathering a list of your closest friends and family that you want as your bridesmaids, there is just one problem left: you don’t know how to pop the question. Don’t worry, we have already done the hard work for you, and created a list of proposal ideas that you can use to pop the question to the Leading Ladies in your life.

  • Pack a gift box: A gift box is top on our list because we believe it is a safe yet thoughtful way to ask the question. Make it personal and pack the gift box with items that are thought out, and include a handwritten note from you. Let each person know how much they mean to you, and why they are so deserving of being your Leading Lady.
  • Wine night: Gather your group of V.I.P ladies and get together for a cozy wine night. Spend the evening gossiping and laughing, and wait until the end of the evening to bring out a custom labeled bottle of wine to pop the question to your best friends. Does this sound like a perfect night or what?
  • Picture frame: Present a picture frame with a picture of your most memorable moment with your future bridesmaid, and she sure will say “yes!”. If your future bridesmaids are all friends with one another, you can use a group picture as well.
  • Ask in person: Who said a bridesmaid proposal can’t be simple? A bridesmaid proposal doesn’t require a lot; a simple, yet thoughtful, message to ask your best friends is surely enough. After all, it is the heartfelt part that matters.

Obviously, these are just a few ways that we believe can give you some inspiration for your bridesmaid proposal. No matter how you end up doing your bridesmaid proposal, just make sure that it is heartfelt and thoughtful, and we guarantee you that your Leading Ladies will say “yes” in a heartbeat.

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