What to Pack for Your Next Bachelorette Party

What to Pack for Your Next Bachelorette Party

You’ve been planning tirelessly for your friend’s bachelorette party, you’ve looked at countless clubs in Vegas, resorts in Cabo, and houses in Palm Springs. You’ve finally found the perfect destination for every girl in the bridal party so now the real fun begins. But come the day before the trip and you start panicking because while you’ve been so busy organizing all the festivities, you realize you haven’t even started packing for yourself. You have absolutely no idea what to pack and you really just want something light and easy to travel with. 

Luckily, there is not a lot that you need to bring. Here are six essential items that you should pack for your epic girl’s trip:

  • Your phone

This really is a no brainer. Realistically, can any of us really go anywhere without our phones anymore? More importantly, who’s going to be capturing all the crazy moments? It’s like, were you even there? Plus, in case the party gets a littttle too out of control, you will always be able to find your #bridesquad. 

  • Passport 

Even if you’re just traveling domestically, it’s always better to bring your passport with you when you travel in case something goes south. Also, it can serve as a backup ID in the event that you party a lil too hard and lose a thing or two ;) 

  • Dress to Impress

Whether you’re going to Vegas or Nashville, you’re expected to bring at least 1 outfit for your night out. Bring an LBD with you and you won’t regret it. If you’re going somewhere more formal, make sure you pack a maxi dress! 

  • Heels 

Style your night-out outfit with a pair of your most comfortable heels or wedges. You never know how much you’ll walk but you know you wanna look good in all the pictures. 

  • Bathing Suit

Perfect for the beach, pool, AND dayclubs, need we say more? 

  • Sunglasses

A terrible hangover is something we all are a little too familiar with, you get one too many drinks and you regret it the next morning. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but we are almost certain that we are not looking our best. Thank god for those sunglasses, amirite? 

When it comes to packing for the bachelorette party, there are a million things to consider. But your suitcase is only so big and you can only bring so many things, which is why you need to know how to pack light and smart. Use this list as a guide and add more things to the list as you go. Have fun and bon voyage!

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