How To Restyle Your Mix & Match Pieces After The Wedding

How To Restyle Your Mix & Match Pieces After The Wedding


Picking out a perfect bridesmaid dress is no easy feat, especially when all of the dresses feel like just another one night stand that you’re going to regret in the morning. You’ve probably thought to yourself time and time again, “Will I ever wear this dress another time?”, “Why am I wasting money on something so impractical?”, “What is the point of going through all this trouble only to come out with a dress I don't love?”.  We hear your questions and we have a solution for you: Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

But how exactly does it work? What does mix and match mean? 

At Leading Ladies, we offer top and bottom pieces so you can pick out a new outfit for the wedding hassle-free. Whether it is a simple lace top styled with a sequin skirt or an off-the-shoulder top paired with a side slit skirt, we got plenty of great options.

  • Top + Jeans (hello, chic work outfit) 

One of the easiest ways to restyle your wedding outfit is by taking the top and wear it with a pair of jeans. Complete your outfit with a pair of new pumps to elevate the look and make it just a little bit more work appropriate. This makes for a cool business casual look and if you want to make it just a tad more professional, throw on a blazer! But remember, if your coworkers ask where you got the top from, tell them you got it from us :) 

  • Your own top + skirt (did someone say ANOTHER GREAT WEDDING?) 

Even if you’re not going to be a bridesmaid at another wedding, there are still lots of weddings to attend. Pick a top you already own and style it with your Leading Ladies skirt and boom! You’ve got yourself another new wedding or party outfit. Style with some accessories, some jewelry, and it’ll turn into a whole different vibe. Plus, who wants to spend another $200 on yet another wedding outfit when you can easily wear something of your own and be comfortable? 

  • Same Outfit, Different Occasion

Instead of leaving your old gown to hang in your closet, sometimes you end up loving your bridesmaid outfit so much that you decide to find a way to wear it to another wedding. A simple ivory Chloe Top may be too plain for the fancy hotel wedding your cousin’s having, but it may just be the perfect match for the beach wedding for your college classmate. Make it beach-ready with a straw hat and some cool sunglasses for that ultra-chic factor! Check out our two-piece sets for more great gown options!

When it comes to re-styling your Mix and Match pieces, there are no rules and no restrictions. You can repeat the outfit as many times as you like, because really, who’s keeping count? The most important thing is to have fun because the possibilities are seriously endless Style it with different accessories, jewelry, and even some layers so people will never know how many times

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