Wedding Color Schemes We’re FALLin’ For

Wedding Color Schemes We’re FALLin’ For

We are at the end of August, which means summer is also coming to an end. You have had the entire summer to get that tan, go to all those music festivals, and maybe even attend some weddings! 

Now that fall is approaching- and as much as we hate to say- it’s time to retire those bubbly, light colors and start looking at some fall hues for a change. Whether you are just looking for something simple or trying to make a statement, we’ve got the right color for you.

  • Berry + Bordeaux 

    Fall is the season to experiment with more vibrant colors and what better colors to experiment with than Berry and Bordeaux? These two colors are great on their own, they reflect the colorful fruits of the season and most importantly, they look good on any skin tone and body shape (shout out to those diverse bridesquads!). Pair the dresses with white & cream flowers and you’ve got yourself a classic, timeless fall wedding.


  • Pure Jade + Sandstone

    If you are having an outdoor wedding, because let’s face it, fall is the best season to have an outdoor, natury wedding. You don’t get the unbearable cold in the winter and you avoid sweating underneath your dress like you do in the summer. Elevate your wedding with earthy tones such as a beautiful emerald green like Pure Jade or go with a more subtle hue like Sandstone that blends effortlessly with the rest of the wedding. 


  • Hydrangea + Misty Pink

    You can never go wrong with pink. By now you are probably tired of seeing countless pink bridesmaid dresses on Instagram, Pinterest, or at your cousin’s wedding. So while we understand the pain of having to wear yet another pink dress, let us convince you otherwise. As we mentioned earlier, fall is the time to experiment, so why not try a cool jewel tone like Hydrangea? It is THE color of the year and it’s rich and vibrant and fun and it lights up the wedding in an instant.  If you think Hydrangea is a little too bright you can always tone it down with a splash of Misty Pink. It adds a mellow shade of pink that is elegant and serene and gives the wedding a whole different tone.


    Choosing the right color, or in this case, color combo, might be the most difficult task of the wedding. It brings definition to the wedding and lets your guests know what vibe you are really going for. The most important thing to know is to trust your instincts. After all, it’s your wedding and no one else can take that away from you.  

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