We Said Yes To Velvet

We Said Yes To Velvet

Lo and behold, we have just dropped our new collection. And yes, we are introducing VELVET for the first time ever. 

In the past couple of years, velvet has become extremely popular amongst bridesmaids. While chiffon’s been a staple in the wedding game for a while now and does not seem to be losing its momentum, velvet is definitely having its own moment and taking the apparel industry by storm. It is perfect for a fall and winter wedding and it adds a layer of sophistication and depth into the bridal party. We here at Leading Ladies have been obsessed with velvet for a while now. Because at this point, who doesn’t own one or two velvet styles in their everyday closet? It is an extremely versatile fabric that just looks and feels LUXE. 

The best thing about our velvet is that it’s stretch velvet. This means that it is flexible and comfortable, giving your body and skin plenty of room to breathe. Because we understand that no one wants to wear a dress for 8 hours only to feel trapped in their dress. Trust us, you would much rather spend the entire evening dancing away.

Our new velvet collection also includes a wide variety of necklines and silhouettes, from this asymmetrical Lola dress to the wrap Vivienne dress, these velvet styles are perfect for just about every wedding you’re invited to. As always, all of these dresses were designed to be worn several times, which is also why velvet should be your new go-to fabric for weddings- you can wear it as a bridesmaid and AS a wedding guest. Even if you don’t have another wedding to attend, you can always wear it to other events- your company’s holiday party, birthdays, or even a fancy gala. Velvet is perfect for so many events that even celebrities love wearing it on various red carpets.

Currently, we offer 7 shades of stretch velvet that we think are the most universal and flattering colors for everyone. However if you’re unsure about how it feels or how it looks, you can always buy a swatch or two here. They’re only $2 a piece! 

Of course, we can go on and on and on about velvet and how much we love them, but why don’t we let you see it for yourself? Head over to our collection page now and check out all the velvet styles we have to offer. Trust us, you’ll definitely say yes to one of those dresses, if not more!

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