The Perks of Ordering A Custom-Sized Bridesmaid Dress

The Perks of Ordering A Custom-Sized Bridesmaid Dress

It’s almost that time of the year again. You’re getting wedding invites one after the other, maybe you’re even asked to be a bridesmaid once or twice. Whether you’re a first time bridesmaid or a veteran, you know being a bridesmaid is not only time consuming but very costly. Between all the bachelorette parties, the bridal shower, and the actual wedding gift you have to pick out for your best friend, you might wonder why you would want to spend another $15 just to get your bridesmaid dress customized?

Local tailor, who?

In most cases, you order a bridesmaid dress that is too long for your height, too tight on the bust, or too loose at the waist. So you’re forced to find a local tailor and get your dress altered, which isn’t exactly the most economical solution. Think about it, on top of the price you’ve already paid to purchase the dress, you’re paying almost another 50% to the tailor to make sure it fits you. With custom sizing, however, you pay only for a fraction of the price you’d normally pay the tailor. The best part? It’s so easy that all you need to do is enter your own measurements and leave the rest of the work to us!

Same dress, different weddings

It might seem a little excessive to order a dress customized that you’re only going to wear once. But look at it this way, it’s wedding season and you’re only going to more weddings. Why not make your life easier by repeating your outfit? It’s sustainable, cost effective, and most importantly, if it’s a dress you love, why not wear it again? 

It’s 2020 and there really is no shame in repeating an outfit. In fact, it’s a trend that is hotter than ever! At the BAFTA Awards, the theme of the red carpet was sustainability and most recently at the Academy Awards, we saw a lot of stars wearing vintage dresses or dresses made of sustainable materials. There really is no shame in repeating an outfit, and if anyone asks, just say you’re doing it for the environment! 

So do yourself a favor and order a dress with custom sizing. If you don’t already know how to measure at home by yourself, we’ve got you covered. Watch our video on How to Measure and you’ll be ready to order a dress in no time. A custom-sized bridesmaid dress will save you a trip to your local tailor AND give you a dress that you can wear for many weddings to come.

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