How To Pick Bridesmaid Dresses That’ll Make Everyone Happy

How To Pick Bridesmaid Dresses That’ll Make Everyone Happy

Bridesmaid dresses are traditionally deemed ugly and boring because bridesmaids aren’t supposed to outshine the bride on her big day. This can often cause a rift between a bride and her bridesmaids when the bride specifically picks dresses that look just ridiculous. (Think Rachel’s big fluffy hot pink dress when she was the maid of honor to Barry and Mindy’s wedding, yuck right?) 

That being said, we understand how difficult it can be to pick out a certain style that is flattering for everyone in the bridal party. Some want long dresses, some want it short and casual. Some prefer a trendy off shoulder dress, and some just want simple spaghetti straps. How can you make everyone happy and accommodate their needs all while planning a big wedding? 

  • Pick a main theme color 

We get it, you’re in the midst of planning the wedding of your dreams. You just don’t have the time to pick out dresses for each of your bridesmaids. So why not just pick out a color? Whether you want all your girls to match in the exact same shade or you want them to be dressed in a variety of colors, it is always important to pick out a main color first. Once you’ve got the main color figured out, you can go ahead and leave the rest for the girls to decide amongst themselves. For example, say you decide on French Blue but still want some other hues to create a mix and match look, you can have some girls dress in Navy and some others in Wisteria. With all the colors picked out, you can have your bridesmaids pick out dresses on their own and they will have a clean, unison look.

  • Focus on a “silhouette” 

Imagine a bridal party where a bridesmaid wears a fit and flare dress, one with a sheath silhouette, and the other in ball gowns. Weird, right? The whole look is unorganized and that is the last thing you want for your wedding. So pick out a silhouette that you know everyone will love, A Line might be your best bet in this case, it is flattering for everyone and one of the most popular silhouettes when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. 

Picking out bridesmaids dresses is definitely not an easy task, you can’t always expect to satisfy everyone’s needs, but you can make it easier for your girls as well as yourself. You’ve got a lot on your hands so delegate as much as you can. After all, they are your best friends and they’ve got your best interests at heart. 

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