Desert Rose: Your Childhood Pink Dreams Elevated

Desert Rose: Your Childhood Pink Dreams Elevated

When it comes to curating the perfect 2021 wedding palette, it is important to note that while more traditional pinks are definitely still the hype, we are looking at something that is jewel-inspired: Desert Rose. Now, it is hardly news that pink is one of the most popular colors in weddings, it represents a certain nostalgia to every bride when they were little girls playing dress-up games in their bedrooms. Desert Rose, on the other hand, is the adult version of your childhood blush pink dreams. It’s like having adult hot chocolate, after a certain age, spiked hot chocolate is just that much better than the regular ones. It is rich, warm, and just the right shade of maturity. It represents your new beginning while carrying a piece of your past into your future. 

Brides who are looking for the perfect Covid-safe isolation weddings will find inspirations from elopement-themed weddings such as desert weddings or destination weddings, and what’s more on trend than desert rose? It brings a certain level of warmth and vintage into the wedding and provides just the right contrast to the white dress from the bride. It also pairs well with other bright-colored hues such as Rust, if you’re going for an ombre kind of look, or Canary for that pop of color. 

How gorgeous is this palette? It reminds us of the open, nature filled feel of an outdoor wedding with just the right amount of colors. With 2021 just around the corner, we are so excited for the increase in popularity of more jewel tone colors. 

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