8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts We Are Obsessed With

8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts We Are Obsessed With

Sure, the wedding day is MOSTLY about the bride and groom, it’s their big day, the first day of the rest of their lives together. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the wedding party should be overlooked. The bridesmaids especially, are the bride’s best friends and there to support her in whatever way they can. Though not a must, some brides have known to send some gifts to her bridesmaids to thank them for being right alongside her at the wedding. We here at Leading Ladies are especially obsessed with gifts that include a personal touch. Something to make it extra special for your besties. Here are 8 of our favorite personalized bridesmaids gift right now: 

1. Earrings 

Who doesn’t love a gift that is both beautiful and practical. These pearl earrings are so pretty and come in matching necklaces and bracelets so if you wanna go all out for your girls- this is definitely something worth considering. You can also customize a personalized message, font, and box color to make your bridesmaids feel extra special! 

2. Custom Phone Cases 

What’s the one thing you want to make sure you keep with you at all times? Your phone, probably. Phone cases are something you can never have too many of. These leather custom phone cases are so classy and definitely something you can keep for a while. 

3. Bridesmaid Robe Illustrations 

One of the most iconic photos you’re going to take with the bridesmaids prior to the wedding is the one with everyone in their robes. It’s a classic shot and we wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It captures all the emotions pre-wedding: excitement, nervousness, melancholy and you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. These bridesmaid robe illustrations are the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, to thank them for being with you throughout the wedding process and to have something to hold on for for the rest of your lives. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a little piece of artwork with you in it? 

4. Personalized Cosmetic Pouches

There’s something to be said about getting ready together with your besties, putting on makeup together, sharing tips, styling your hair for one another… are always more fun when you do it together. These personalized cosmetic pouches are not only extremely chic, but they also allow for different customization to be made. It also comes in 4 different colors, perfect for those bridesmaids who have different tastes. 

5. Monogram Notebooks

It’s true when they say things end but memories last forever. The wedding may just be a day’s time but the memories you create will be the ones you cherish for a lifetime. These notebooks are the perfect gift for someone who likes to record memories and who knows, maybe it’ll get you started on journaling your everyday life. Regardless, having a notebook is always handy and is definitely something you can never have too much of.

6. Personalized Satin Pajama Set

Yes, sleeping in your old high school jerseys are nice, but sleeping in silky satin pajamas takes you to a new height of luxury. These pajama sets come in blush, navy, and ivory, so they’re essentially perfect for the entire bridal party, including the bride! These are also the extra cherry on top for your bachelorette parties, when you have your last pillow fight as a single lady- you obviously would want to do it in a fashionable manner. We are so obsessed with these pajamas we actually want to snag one of these for ourselves. 

7. Printed Photo Wine Labels

Sure, you can get custom wine labels with personalized names printed, but that’s not something we haven’t seen before. These printed photo wine labels go the extra mile of making you feel special, each label can be so unique and special. Either it is a photo of you together on a trip, or just one of your silliest moments together, there are so many to choose form you wouldn’t even know where to begin! 

8. Custom Label Soy Candles 

There is something to be said about candles, they are exactly what you need after a long hard day at work. They are there when you are stressed, tired, or simply just want to relax. They are basically your best friend, objectified. These custom labels even allow you to write a cute personalized message to each of your bridesmaids, so you can make each one unique from the other. There are also over 20 scents to choose from, so if you know your best friends well, you’ll know which one that’ll suit them best. 


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