4 Things to do for a Destination Wedding as a Bridesmaid

4 Things to do for a Destination Wedding as a Bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honor and one of the best ways you can support your closest friend. Although it involves a lot of work and planning, it surely can be a lot of fun. However, being a bridesmaid isn't what it used to be, and when your best friend's wedding is a destination wedding, being a bridesmaid can get even more complicated. Here, we have compiled a list of 5 things to do for a destination wedding as a bridesmaid to make your and everyone else's lives a lot easier before the special day.


  1. Do discuss expectations before you say "Yes" to being a bridesmaid

When you hear your best friend ask you if you'd like to be her bridesmaid at her beach wedding in Hawaii, you just can't hold in the excitement and want to say "Yes" on the spot. Hold up! Before you do so, make sure you have a discussion about the budget. Usually, it's tradition for the bride to cover lodging costs for any guests out of town, but when it is a destination weddings, rules often change. Making sure what you'll be responsible for paying for will avoid any surprises.

  1. Do discuss where the bachelorette party is going to be held

Since it is a destination wedding, the bride may choose to have her bachelorette party at the location of the wedding, instead of having it near home. Discuss the location of the party with the bride as it will be you and your fellow bridesmaids' responsibility to make it happen for the bride.

  1. Do speak up if the engagement party will be hard for you to attend

Do not feel like it is mandatory for you to attend the engagement party! If the bride lives in another city and wants to have her engagement party there, let her know if it is going to be too much for you (unless, you really want to be at both). Communication is key and we're certain that the bride will understand. Besides, your presence at her wedding is probably more important than the engagement party.

  1. Do discuss dress code, hair, and makeup expectations

While it is tradition for the bride to pick the bridesmaids' outfits and accessories and for the bridesmaids to pay for them, it can be a little tricky for a destination wedding. In the past, the bridesmaids would be responsible for their own makeup and hair, and help the bride get ready after. Since you are already paying for your flight and lodging expenses, it shouldn't be mandatory for you to get a professional to do your makeup and hair. If the bride does require it for her bridesmaids, have a talk with her and work something out together.

The list above are just some things that we believe will help you and your best friend have a more enjoyable destination wedding. Most of the things from this list have one very important thing in common: communication. Make sure you communicate thoroughly with the bride, and we are sure that the wedding will turn out to be one for the books! 

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