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Why Plus-Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Why Plus Size?

When a bride chooses you to be a bridesmaid it is a special honor, a gesture that expresses how valued and significant your friendship truly is. Thus, when the moment arrives, most women are thrilled and eager to fill this important role.

But the bride isn’t the only one who should feel confident and beautiful on her wedding day. Bridesmaids also need to feel comfortable and captivating in their dresses. This is critical since dresses that are too tight, itchy, or unflattering can make it difficult to be present in the moment, distracting bridesmaids and affecting their ability to enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

Plus-size bridesmaids, in particular, often face a predicament when it comes to what to wear. Certain dress styles and fabrics may not compliment their curvier figures the way they do for more petite ladies, which can result in an awkward and unpleasant shopping experience.

At Leading Ladies, we know that voluptuous women want to feel gorgeous when they stand as bridesmaids in front of a throng of on-looking wedding guests and that this isn’t possible if they feel confined or cringy in the dress they are wearing. So, we specialize in designing and creating plus size bridesmaid dresses that are stylish and that compliment curvaceous bodies.

So, if you’re a buxom woman who’s been looking for a plus size bridesmaid dress that you can feel your best in, or you’re a bride in search of the perfect bridal party dresses — you’re a Leading Lady.

How to Choose a Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress?

There are a few key fashion tips that can help shoppers who are seeking bridesmaid dresses for plus size women. We recommend keeping these two priorities in mind:


It’s long been a myth that plus size bridesmaid dresses should always be plain, empire waste ensembles with few embellishments, so as not to attract unwanted attention to fuller areas of the body. But let it be known that this could not be more inaccurate! The style of your plus size bridesmaid’s dresses can be anything you desire, as long as the person who will be wearing it is comfortable, of course. Whether you’ve got your eye on a long, flowing one-shoulder design, or you want to add more sparkle to your wedding aesthetic with a dazzling floor-length skirt, don’t let outdated fashion “rules” hold you back. 


For far too long, curvy women have subscribed to the thought that by going with a bigger fit, they can “hide” imperfections. At Leading Ladies, we aim to debunk this strategy. Fuller figures benefit from a tailored, closer fit, as long as the garment hugs the body in the right places. Our Brie dress, for example, has a band that cinches at the smallest part of the waist, drawing the eye to the most flattering area of the stomach. Thus, when searching for curvy bridesmaid dresses, it’s important not to shy away from snugger options. You may be surprised when you actually try them on!

Our Customization Options

Every body is unique. And every person has their own distinct preferences. That’s why we offer custom bridesmaid dresses, allowing our clients to alter details about their garment that don’t quite fit or match their taste. 

Some of the alterations that can be made to our affordable bridesmaid dresses include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Adding slits

2. Adding pockets

3. Lengthening the hem of the dress

4. Changing neckline

5. Custom sizing!

Note: At Leading Ladies, we also stock a selection of short bridesmaid dresses and long bridesmaid dresses for clients who have special height requirements.

Our Pricing

When we decided to open our own plus size clothing business, we knew we wanted to provide flattering, fashionable gowns and clothing options at a reasonable price point. We noticed that curvier women often pay more for the same style of a garment than their more petite counterparts, and we realized there was a gap in the wedding market for affordable bridesmaid dresses in plus sizes.

That’s why we always strive to keep our dresses around the $100 mark, if not below. 

After all, weddings are never cheap as it is, even for attendees. Wedding gifts, transportation, cocktails— it all adds up. So, we thought to ourselves, “Why not help our bridesmaids feel beautiful and save a little extra money, all in one shot?”. 

Whether you’re looking for jaw-dropping plus size maid of honor dresses, or a plus size bridesmaid dress that’s cheap without compromising on quality, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for here at Leading Ladies.

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