Your Ultimate Bridesmaid Photo Checklist

Your Ultimate Bridesmaid Photo Checklist

Yes, hiring a wedding photographer is a must. You are likely to have scrolled through tens of hundreds of wedding photos on Instagram, especially if you are newly engaged or getting close to the wedding date, you are probably imagining all the photos you are going to take on the big day. It’s true, your wedding photos are going to be something you keep coming back to for decades to come, showing them to your friends, family who couldn’t make it to the wedding, and eventually your future children.So it really should come as no surprise that prior to the wedding, you should discuss with your photographer which photos are your “must takes”. Feel free to use this blog as a checklist and even a source of inspiration for what photos you would want to take with the bridal party on the big day. 

  • Getting ready 

  • You are probably starting the day with getting ready for the wedding and most likely doing that with your bridesmaids. Ask for a quick snap of you and the girls getting ready together, helping each other out, and be very specific about NOT having a picture with someone trying to put on their mascara. 

  • Robe

  • One of the many highlights of getting ready for the wedding is that you and your bridesmaids are going to be in matching robes. Such a cliché we know, but it’s such a classic bridal party photo that we just can never get enough of. 

  • First Look

  • The “first look” photo is important with your bridesmaids just as it is with your husband. These are your friends and family members that have seen you through the best and the worst. Seeing you in that dress for the first time is a beautiful moment that you cannot miss. 

  • Adjusting Dress

  • Before finally stepping out for the first time, your bridesmaids are there to make sure everything goes according to plan, from your hair to your makeup to the dress. Take a picture of the touching moment where your bridesmaids are helping you zip up the dress and fix the train to remember how lucky you are to have each and every one of them with you on your wedding day.

  • Vow Exchange

  • One of the most tear-jerking moments of a wedding is during the vow exchange where the bride and the groom declare their love for each other. As important as it is to capture the moment between you and your very soon husband-to-be, it is just as important to take a look at the bridal party that is next to you, probably with tears in their eyes. 

  • Bridal Party Photo

  • If we were to pick one photo that we think you absolutely cannot miss, it’s the one with your crew at the venue. All the girls are in their bridesmaid dresses that you picked out together at the place where you have just said “I do”, there is nothing more picture perfect than that! 

  • Bridesmaid Bouquet Detail

  • For the Pinterest-loving brides, don’t forget to snap a quick detailed photo of the bouquets. Detailed photos are a good way to remember all the touches and tributes you made for the wedding. 

  • Bridesmaid Dress Detail

  • Whether your girls are wearing matching or mismatching dresses for the wedding, get a detailed shot of them! We may be biased to say that bridesmaid dresses are one of the most important aspects of the wedding, because they often come in the same color of the wedding and they showcase the vibe and attire (boho, classic, or fall) that is representative of your vision. 

  • Individual Bridesmaid Photo

  • Each of the girls in your #bridesquad is there for a special reason and you probably could not imagine having your wedding without each and every one of them. A special moment deserves a special photo for you and each of your bridesmaids. 

  • Wedding Party Photo

  • Now gather and groom and his groomsmen for a big group photo for the entire wedding party. This wedding would not have been possible without them, so don’t forget to include everyone in the photo. 

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