The Most Flattering Dresses For Your Body Type

The Most Flattering Dresses For Your Body Type

Dress shopping can be a little tricky sometimes, from looking for the right color and sizes to finding the right neckline and silhouette, there are a lot of decisions to make before you finally set on your dream dress. But perhaps one of the most important questions here is how is that dress going to look on you? Although we come in all shapes and sizes, our types can be generally categorized into four different shapes: Hourglass, Pear, Inverted Triangle, and Apple. When shopping for your dream bridesmaid dress, it can be helpful to remember your body type and what looks good with it. Now let’s see what these types mean and what dresses are the most flattering for you. 


What’s special about you? 

  • Proportionate hips and bust
  • Balanced upper body and leg length 
  • Defined waist 

What kind of dress should you wear? 

With an Hourglass figure, you want to choose dresses with a v neckline and those that accentuate your waistline. These will not only balance out your proportions, but also centers the focus around your waist to show off the curves. Here are some dresses we recommend: 

Blair Dress 

Tracy Dress

Vivienne Dress

Alexandria Dress



What’s special about you? 

  • Thinner upper body
  • Larger hips and thighs 

What kind of dress should you wear? 

For this particular figure, you want to pick the dresses that will give you more volume to the upper body so that everything is balanced. Spaghetti straps and V necks are both great options. You can also bring the attention to your upper body by wearing A-line dresses or dresses with full skirts. Here are some dresses we recommend: 

Ainsley Dress

Sadie Dress

Rosie Dress

Inverted Triangle

What’s special about you? 

  • Broader shoulders 
  • Narrower hips than shoulders 

With an Inverted Triangle figure, it’s important to balance out the upper and lower body. A good way of achieving this is to fill the hips area with more volume. You can do this by looking for dresses with ruffles, A-line dresses, or anything that could add more volume to the dress. Here are some dresses we recommend:

Devon Dress

Camila Dress

Melanie Dress

Regan Dress



What’s special about you? 

  • Slimmer legs 
  • Shoreter, undefined waist 
  • Flatter bottoms 

There are many options with an apple-shaped figure, but the main thing to keep in mind is to draw attention to your upper body. Other options include wrap dresses, empire waist dresses, and even shorter dresses to show off your legs! Here are some dresses we recommend: 

Sophie Dress


Charlotte Dress

Autumn Dress

Valerie Dress

On top of selecting dresses that will help you show off your strengths, you can also styles the dresses by using jewelry, belts, and other accessories to help you achieve the look you want. It’s important to remember though that there are no shapes or figures that are better than the other, we are just built differently than one another. The end goal here is to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear.

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