How to Be Good to Your Bridesmaids: A Series by a Day-of Coordinator: Part 2 of 3

How to Be Good to Your Bridesmaids: A Series by a Day-of Coordinator: Part 2 of 3

How to Be Good to Your Bridesmaids: A Series by a Day-of Coordinator

Part 2 of 3. Read Part 1 here

Hi! I’m Mia Alicata, owner of Merry by Mia, an event and wedding planning and day-of coordinator service. I believe every event needs a day-of coordinator. With all of the time, money and emotion that goes into a wedding day, you need a third party to manage your vendors, venue, family and bridal party. We take all logistical stress away!

It’s vital to be good to your best gals who are spending time and energy on your wedding day. In Part 1 we discussed how being upfront with the costs that will come with elite wedding party status is key. It’s the adult thing to do. 

Now, how else can you make sure you’re taking care of these important women in your lives?

Outfits! What will make them most comfortable and confident?

Body image is relative. We’re sure you view your favorite gals as the beautiful goddesses that they are. It is no secret that we each have our “thing”...arms...thighs...stomach. I cannot think of something more stomach ache-inducing than someone requiring me to spend my own money on an outfit style that I would feel horrible wearing. By allowing options, understanding what color or length or sleeve-style are your girls’ favorites, you’re allowing them to feel confident and happy. The entire point of a bridal party is to put these lovely people on display!

While you don’t need to factor in absolutely every wish, and ultimately you get the final say, the easiest way to help your bridal party feel comfortable and confident is to choose a dress company like Leading Ladies. With the variety of styles, colors and, most importantly, inclusive sizes, Leading Ladies is the perfect fit. Choose a color or two and maybe a length and have your ladies comb through the many dresses that Leading Ladies has expertly designed. 

Our personal favorites would be tell our girls to choose any style in navy or french blue. I’d have them send me their top choices so I can envision the looks together and go from there. You can even order swatches from Leading Ladies ahead of time to see which fabrics are your favorite and how colors look together. Let’s call this the Toddler Method. Details below...

This reminds me of my 3-year-old niece. I thought it was genius when my brother and sister-in-law would give my strong-willed niece the choice of her lightening bolt or her unicorn pajamas or if she wanted blueberries or melon with her dinner. She was signaled the idea that she’s calling the shots, but my siblings already knew that both pajamas are washed and fine to wear to bed and the fruit options were already in the fridge. They provided parameters, but ultimately gave her the freedom. 

I LOVE the idea of the Toddler Method for wedding parties. I know that I love the styles of Leading Ladies, I’ve seen the swatches and I trust the product. I know if my girls chose the Mia Dress in Navy (Okay, I am partial to the name!) or the Brie Dress in French Blue, I’m content. They’ve chosen a style they’ll be comfortable in and excited about and helped me build out my vision for a bridal party. A win-win for all parties!

So, be good to your girls! Give them some parameters, but let them choose exactly what they’re going to feel their best in. We have all been there… an uncomfortable outfit, regretting our choice… not exactly the recipe for a carefree day or happy attitude. Start from day one with this idea. Leading Ladies’ inclusive sizing, to me, is the most important part of this wonderful company. The size options include all of your best ladies can feel beautiful, comfortable and confident on the big day!

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