Every bridesmaid wants to look perfect for the wedding, and to make that happen, it is essential to get the right bridesmaid dress measurements.

To get everything right, you will need to have an understanding of the bridesmaid dress size chart, as well as to know how to measure for bridesmaid dresses.

When taking measurements for a bridesmaid dress, it’s vital to wear form-fitting clothes so that you get the most accurate dimensions possible.

But what else should you know?

Well, let’s go over the different measurements for a bridesmaid dress and figure out exactly how to measure yourself for a bridesmaid dress the right way.

Measuring the Bust

When trying to figure out how to measure for a bridesmaid dress bust, it’s essential to wear something fitting – make sure you wear the undergarments that you plan on wearing during the wedding itself.

Then, wrap a measuring tape under your arms and the fullest part of your bust, as that is the only way to ensure that the dress will fit comfortably and will not be too tight.

Try to stand in a natural position and relax, as you will have to wear the dress for the entire day, and should, therefore, feel comfortable and have no difficulty moving.

It’s important to remember that the bust size is not the same as your bra size, so make sure to get accurate dimensions with the garments on and at the fullest part of your bust.

Measuring the Waist

Next on our list of measurements is the waist – contrary to how you should measure for a bridesmaid dress bust, the waist should be measured at the smallest area of your waistline. Wrap the measuring tape around this section. Leave the measuring tape slightly loose if you'd like more breathing room.

To find it, stand up straight and bend a little to one side. That should help you see the exact spot where a crease occurs, indicating the location of the natural waistline.

For most women, the waist can be found just above the belly button, which can serve as a good starting point if you aren’t sure where precisely to measure.

Measuring the Hips

Measuring the hips is quite straightforward, but you still need to make sure to get this part right, as it’s crucial for ensuring that the dress fits well.

To start measuring, stand straight and with your feet together, and have someone measure you around the broadest part of your hips and rear.

Measuring around the broadest area is very important, as it ensures that your dress fits comfortably and perfectly complements your figure.

Measuring the Length

Although getting the length measured for your dress may seem relatively straightforward, it can actually get a little bit tricky and require you to make a few considerations beforehand.

Namely, you will need to decide on what types of shoes you will be wearing on the big day, especially if it’s a full-length dress, as that will significantly impact the measurement.

To begin, stand up straight with your shoes on, place the measuring tape at the center of your collarbone, and start going down with the measuring tape until you hit the floor.

One crucial aspect of measuring for a bridesmaid dress is the fullness of the skirt. You will need to take this into account when doing the length measurement to produce the right angle during the measuring process.

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